Back On The Road.....

Well, We're back on the road, Dr Croc has settled in well and we would also like to introduce our new permanent drummer, J.D Davies, who has taken to The Delray's drumming position like a duck to water, we have already started gigging full time again and now, we're getting busier than ever with 2022 filling up nicely, also I have taken over the running of the web site so please bear with me whilst I get my head around all this trickery and technology, but I will be attempting to put up regular posts on what we're doing and what we're up to.

During lockdown we 've been busy writing some new songs as well as reconfiguring some standard stuff and putting the Delray's stamp of Rockabilly to it. 

So please keep checking back and keep following our Gig page on here as new gigs are being added constantly...

Keep Rockin' Peeps, and hopefully we will see you all soon on our travels.


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