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The Delray Rockets are: Gaz Le Bass, Dr Croc & J.d Davies.

Although we have a love for all genres of Rockabilly, from way back 50's traditional Rockabilly through to Neo Rockabilly, we had a yearning to push the genre just that little bit further.

The thought was to rev it up yet another gear from the Neo Rockabilly era of the '80's and create a really energetic, hard hitting 'in ya face' sound to bring it up to the modern times; you could say putting the 'Rock' into Rockabilly.

Each of the 3 members drew on their wide and varied influences from their teenage years, right the way through to their modern day influences. This melting pot of styles created a form of music we can only describe as 'Hi Octane Rockabilly'. I suppose you could liken it to the 'Hot Rodders' stripping down a classic, adding way more power, but still keeping all of the style.

Don't be fooled by the onstage setup of a Double Bass, Gretsch guitar and stripped down drum kit, looks can be deceiving. Once the amps are flicked on and the first beat is struck, hold onto your hats cos' you're in for a hell of a ride.

The Feathers Sports and Music Lounge, Worcester

11/06/2023 15:00
3 hours 30 minutes

The Yew Tree, Cannock

16/06/2023 20:30
3 hours

The Northway Pub, Northway Nr, Tewksbury

17/06/2023 20:30
3 hours 30 minutes

Glastonberrow Fest, Inkberrow nr Worcester.

24/06/2023 15:00
1 hour

The Camp House Inn, Worc's

24/06/2023 20:00
3 hours 30 minutes

Swedish Tour June29th-July10th '23

30/06/2023 09:00
300 hours

The Berkley, Evesham Rd Worcester, Worc's

14/07/2023 20:30
3 hours 30 minutes

Car and Bike Show, Coney Grn. Showground, Stourport on Severn

15/07/2023 21:00
2 hours 30 minutes

Upton Blues Festival, The Kings Head.

20/07/2023 19:30
3 hours 30 minutes

Wacky Weekender Music Festival '23

21/07/2023 18:00
1 hour
Latest News

Well after a bit of time off, it's time to kickstart that Rockin' Machine that is, The Delray Rockets Once again, and there ain't no stoppin' now 'til Jan '24.

We have some new material in the set That Gaz, Croc and Jim have been working on, unfortunately some of the songs have had to go on the reserve list to make way for the new songs, but if you want something off the old play list, just come up in the break (not whilst we're playing, please) and just ask, I'm sure we can slip it in.

Here's lookin' at another great new year of Rockin' stuff, keep checking the gig guide on here as new gigs are being constantly added...

See you all soon.. 

The Delray's

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