The Delray Rockets are: Gaz Le Bass, Dr Croc  & Jon Ballard. They play Kick ass Rock'a'Billy with attitude... Nuff said!! Read more about the band members below:

Gaz Le Bass 

Gaz Le Bass

I first started playing the upright bass at the age of 15. I really wanted to play the guitar but couldn't afford a Gretsch 6120 which was my one desire back then. It was n't until a Double Bass turned up at a T-shirt shop where a bunch of spotty Punks, Grebos, Rudeboys, Mods and a handful of Rock'a'billys used to hang out that I even considered playing that huge thing.

I enquired about the price, £5!!!! And that was it, bought with a loan from my parents (I paid them back in just 2 weeks with my £2.50 Paper round money) Me and my buddies carried it the 3 miles it took to walk home. I had a few basic lessons off a guitarist friend of mine and the rest I learnt listening to Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Bill Haley and of course Stray Cats records I had around the house, not to mention raiding my parents Rock 'n' Roll collection for even more inspiration.

It was n't until my neighbour offered me a job playing bass in his 12 piece big band, "The Ken Bruno Big Band", did I really take it seriously, I, being the youngest member by 40 years, used to sit and listen in awe at their tales of being on the road and the antics they got up to all those years ago.

That was it. I was hooked and used to carry that £5 bass to every music bar there was, badgering the other musicians to let me join in, more than often being refused as they did n't want an "out of date" double bass in their band. But I was n't deterred, from there I went on to play in various Jazz, Blues, Swing, Country, Even American Rock bands and of course Rock'n'Roll & Rock’a’Billy bands. Where I feel at home..

I’ve played with a host of great musicians, Darrel Higham, Robert Plant, Dave Edmunds, Charlie Gracie just to name a few, as well as touring with lots of equally great bands, the list far to long to even start.. You guys know who you are and I have great memories of all those great gigs and places we've been..

I have an extensive touring and recording history, taking me all over the UK, Europe and the U.S.A. Not to mention Orchestral and Theatre work. In October 2010 I had the great pleasure of going to Memphis, TN to record an Album with a band, "Sgt. Bilko’s Crazy Combo", spending 6 incredible nights recording at the legendary Sun Studios.(one off the bucket list!!!)

My Moto is…”If It's Rockin' Then Let It Rock!!”



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