Well what a Year so far....

We've been trying hard to keep the Rocket Ship going, we've managed, with the help of venues that can conform to the ever changing rules, regulations and advice to do a few gigs this year so far, many of our Festivals have been moved over to next year.

The end of 2019 saw the sad departure of great friend and co founder of The Delray Rockets, Oz Osborne, due to his on going and progressively worsening arthritis to his hands, it was his wish the band would carry on, so the search for a new guitarist was put out there, a great friend, guitarist Dr Croc came forward expressing his desire to join the band, an audition wasn't necessary as we knew he was already and awesome Axe man and great guy...  Thus Oz's replacement....... Then Covid struck.... I'm sure we will be out trekking across the country and Europe and beyond again soon.... When? we don't know, Keep following us, and keep supporting us, as you know we love our fan base and always take time to chat and listen to your stories...

Keep Rockin' Katz and Kittenz... See you on the other side of these dark days.....

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New 'Live' Double cd available now.

The new 'Live' double cd 'Live n Loud' is now available to buy from our merch page, or why not come along to a gig and buy one to take home with you.


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Write up from Uk Rock n Roll magazine

Write up from Uk Rock n Roll magazine

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The end of 2013 and the start of a busy New Year

Well, 2013 was surely a busy year for us; loads of great gigs, a tour of Holland, recording the new cd and to top it off 2 special guests joined us and did a few numbers on our New Years Eve gig - Mr Paul Smith from The Stubble Brothers and Mr Robert Plant from Led Zep, What a great way to bring in 2014.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported us and hope to see you all again at this years gigs.

Dont forget the new cd and new merch is available to buy from our merch page.

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New Merch at last....

Well, after a longer wait than anticipated; the new cd is finished. Take a look at our merch page where you can order it and also our new range of merch, or why not come to one of our gigs and buy it from us directly.

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Cd will be out soon

The new cd should be ready for the beginning of September 2013 and we also have new merch for sale too - belt buckles and enamel pin badges woo hoo

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Debut Album Recording

Well, we have now finally booked a date to start recording the debut album.

We will commence recording at The Edge Recording Studios in Cheshire on 11th May.

We have been trying to get in the studio for quite some time now, but due to constant gigging, this is the first chance we have had to get a date nailed down.

We are really excited about the recording and with a lot of you guys asking "when is the album coming out", sounds like you are too.

The Album should be available in the Summer (for those of you who have forgotten; that is the season when we are supposed to get sunshine and warmth)

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New Delray Rockets Merchandise

Take a look on our merch page where you will find New Logo Merhandise. We have tried to keep the prices as low as possible for all you Guys and Gals out there.


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The Bear and Ragged Staff Festival

Well, we had a blast playing at The Bear and Ragged Staff Festival along with a host of other great bands.

The sun was out after a long heavy downpour in the morning, but it gave way to beaming sunshine that entices you to drink the wonderful brew that is known as cider.

check out the review of the festival written by 'Rhythm and Booze'



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Route 69 Bar, Cotteridge Birmingham

An awesome nite was had by all last nite at the Route 69 bar, a big thanks to all that attended, a truely great nite, fantastic venue withan incredible sound, and great people, big thanks to Bertie (Vincent Flatts) for recomending us to Lubi... See you all real soon guys and Gals.... You Rock!!

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The Valley Gas Speed Shop

The band had a great night playing at The valley Gas Speed Shop in Andover.

Surrounded by a cool crowd and ultra cool cars plus Burlesque, what more could we ask for.

The owners Jim and Ellie and all the staff are great and gotta say the work on the cars is out of this world.

So if you are considering a full restoration or just a little bit of work on ya ride then these are the guys to see.

Check em out at:

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The Delray Rocket Tour bus is getting a revamp.

Gonna get the van pimped up by these guys, they are the business, check em out...


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Review of gig at Keystones 30 Dec 2011

In 1951 Leo Fender released the first commercial bass guitar and thus made the upright bass obsolete, although nobody seemed to tell Gaz Le Bass this or the band The Delray Rockets as they put on their show at Keystones, and man what a show. The band consisted of Gaz Le Bass on upright bass and vocals, David ???Oz??? Osborne on guitar and vocals and new boy Jon Ballard on drums. David Osborne, dressed smart in slim black trousers and a short sleeve shirt, supported a rockabilly quiff to make Rock Hudson die of shame. He played the guitar like a demon easily slipping from old time Rock ???N??? Roll to modern day punk all with a 50s twist. Oz stood at his 50s style mic and howled and yipped and sang with such enthusiasm, it was obvious that he loved being up there on stage. And if Oz was the good ole boy the Gaz Le Bass was the naughty backdoor man. He too supported the quiff and long side burns but his tattoos made him a man of two eras and he fitted well into both, with his leather trousers and sleeveless vest he wheeled the Bass like an oversized guitar; if the size was a problem it didn???t seem to bother Le Bass as he played it upright, horizontally and even upside down. The audience responded to the two playing off eachother by filling the dance floor and boogie-ing and jiving (or wobbling in an alcohol induced daze lol). The songs that they played ran a whole gambit of eras and styles from Brian Setzer???s Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Elvis Presley???s Burning Love to the Undertones??? Teenage Kicks and songs by Van Morrison, The Clash and even Steppenwolf, all this plus original compositions. The energy was infectious with each member of the audience contaminated by Be Bop fever leading them to sing, whoop and hit the dancefloor. Like the Pied Pipers of Worcester they lead their throng of fans on a merry journey that seemed as if it was a forever ride performing, as they did, several encores as the crowd continuously called for more. At 10 past midnight it came to a close with everyone immediately looking forward to February 4th when The Delray Rockets play The Marrs Bar in a double bill with Riff Raff. All in all a great night???I know it was only Rock ???N??? Roll but I liked it. CM xx

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Give us a shout...

We'll play anywhere... If you want us to play your town, City or even Village put us onto your local Bar, Club or whatever and get them to give us a shout.... And We'll take it from there..... See you all soon... Merry Christmas... From The Slapkat...

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Fans Photos

We have now added a new folder to the photo gallery entitled Fans Photos. So if you have taken any photos of yourselves having a wild time at one of the gigs or even if you have taken a photo of the band and would like to see it on the website, just post it on The Delray Rockets facebook page

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Upton Festival..

The Delrays at Upton Festival 2011Thanks to all of you who came to support us at Upton Festival, we had a great time, on the main stage Saturday and in the beer tent on the Sunday.... did n't anticipate being on stage for 6hrs on and off, but we had a ball.

A massive thank you to Duke Delite for stepping in at the Eleventh hour with only one rehearsal, he did a fantastic job as many of you there came up and  commented on him doing so, Festivals are always great coz you get to meet new fans, and boy did we meet some new fans.... Welcome to our Delray community all you new folks...

Make sure you check the web site for new gigs and postings regulary, welcome aboard. we also had some profesional video-ing done so check that out once its posted, new pics will be added this week so plenty for you guys to come back to pay the site another visit, we're also adding a fan page for you to post your pics and photos of you wearing your Merchandise... Til then Keep It Rockin' and Keep it Real... Gaz.x

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Upton Festival is arriving very soon.

Upton Festival 2011Upton Festival is on its way and we hope it brings the Bank Holiday sunshine with it. Runs from 26th - 28th August 2011. Featuring fantastic local acts and some big names. The Delray Rockets are on the main stage Saturday 27th at 12 midday and Sunday in the beer tent from 2pm till 8pm ish. (ooohh I can taste the cider already!)

So come on down and camp or just come and soak up the atmosphere. Tickets available from

 See Ya There

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Rockin at Keystones Worcester

Sunday night Rockin gig at our local music venue Keystones Worcester.

Being the kindly, considerate band that we are; we know most people have to get up for work early the next morning so we will be onstage at 9p.m. and finished by 11.30p.m. So start the week on a high note and come on down for a Rockin night.

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Worcester Auto Club saturday 23rd July, starting at 14.30

Hey Guys.... get ya selves over to the Worcester Auto club, Perdiswell this Saturday, They're having a 50's and 60's day/evening.. Free entry, all they ask is that you buy a Raffle ticket to help support the club, A bar offering beers at Two quid a pint and double Jack and Coke at only two fifty...There are Three acts on through out the day, finishing off with The Fabulous Delray Rockets... Sounds like a great day... So come along, Bring ya bike or classic car or Hot rod.. details are on the Gig page.. see ya there,... Mines a J.d and Coke... Ta.

Posted 9 years ago by Gaz Le Bass

New Delray's T.shirts now in stock!!!!

Pink Delray T-shirtWhite Delray T-shirtHowdy Katz & Kittenz... We've just taken delivery of the new Delray T.shirts with a new logo...Available in Pink or white, with a single front logo... They will be on sale as from Saturday from the Gig at The Black Cross, Bromsgrove at a credit bustin price of Eight Quid or two for Fifteen Quid.... They'll be posted on the Merch page very soon.... So keep them peepers peeled.

The double logo ones are still available for those who want show their loyalty Front and Rear.. lol... Keep Rockin' Peeps....

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Rockin' News...

"Oz" OsbourneHi, It’s catch up time…

Friday saw a us at a new venue, for us, The Wishing Well in Bromsgrove, The base of Britain’s Got Talent, Miss Pippa Langhorne & Buddy, we had a blast and met some new fans there too, Thanx guys for booking us , See ya soon...

The Delrays are back in the Studio running thru some more original material, “Rock’a’Billy Retard” and “Some of what you see (None of what you hear)” Fresh from the pen of Mr. Le Bass, as well as some covers to freshen up the set a little, so come the next show we’ll have some new songs for you to Bop ya socks of to, New T. shirt designs are on the drawing pad too, and Delray Belt buckles are on the must do soon list also…. So watch this space for progress…. Keep Rockin’ Katz and Kittenz, Catch ya soon…

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Rockin' News...

Gaz Le BassBonjour Mes amies... Well whilst Oz and Lynn are taking a well earned break from my constant pestering... Yours truly Is holding the Delray Fort here at Rock'a'Billy Towers... Daddy O's Rockin' Rumble 50's Hop have booked us after much to-ing and fro-ing with dates.... (We're busy boys ya know)... The date should be up on the gig page soon... 11th Nov.'11.

If ya can't wait 24hrs for the date to load up... This'll be a good one for all you Rockin' Katz 'n' Kittenz to come to... Strictly Rockin' Stuff, so not a Fluffy or Jive Bunny in sight....... Rock'a'Billy tunes and The Delray's laying down a beat like a ton of coal.. Should be a good one... Any how it's J.d O'clock.... So I'm is signing out.... T.T.F.N....... The Slapkat..

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Hi and welcome to our first News entry... At the moment The Delrays are working hard on our debut album, with Gaz working til the early dawn writing new songs, Oz trying to enterpret the Riffs going on in Gaz's head ( Not an easy task I can assure you) and Bam Bam, putting in the Drum parts.. stay tuned for the progress.. on this site you'll find a preview of what's to come on the Album... Hope you enjoy it... Laters Gators..

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