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Dave Brown wrote 8 years ago
Was at Brown Lion gig in Brum last Sun (17th June) & had a ball, high energy rock n roll played brilliantly, loved Stray Cats stuff. Me & my buddy shook hands with you at the finish, thanks for great time guys, will be looking out for you in near future.
Lee Redgewell wrote 8 years ago
Lost my Delray Rockets virginity last night at Keystones in Worcester! WOW!! Been to many gigs in the past, but none as hot and ROCKIN' as this one! Good job the club is underground else u'd have blown the roof straight off!!! Can't wait to see ya again in June :D
Roj Smith wrote 8 years ago
Great gig at the Star Inn at Upton. Most people were out and about for the start of the folk festival, but were won over by the "folk"-a-billy. We had them all dancing by the end of the night. I am looking forward to my next chance to bop. Thanks guys. Can't stop-Keep rocking'.
SIMON SILENT DISCO wrote 8 years ago
How GOOD are these guys !!!!! Finally got to my first 'Rays gig last week and the answer is blindingly good! Hopefully there again at Keystones May 6th. Roaring boys- absolutely roaring!
mark bradshaw wrote 8 years ago
gaz you and the band sounds better every time i see you play your mate oz what a guiter player
alan wheatley wrote 8 years ago
saw you two weeks ago .i was really impressed and i am looking forward to this saturday when we will be seeing you at drakes broughton.Keep on rockin
Colin Pratt wrote 8 years ago
Rocked the crowd at my charity head shave. Great gig, great music, great guys, nuff said!
Gary Clarke wrote 8 years ago
Gaz... Your want feedback? You need feedback? Well, I'm paying a fortune for a taxi from Malvern to Drakey on Saturday, on top of the very reasonable £5 each ticket to celebrate my 50th and dance like a gypsies dog to your tight tunes! Your that fecking good... Oh and the spread you did on the bathr
Matthew Oliver wrote 8 years ago
Keep up the good work ! This is what rock n roll should sound like . . .
Tina wrote 9 years ago
loved ya gig at the marrs bar--woulda loved to have seen you all night though.Great place to gig--easy to get to!!!
Fragilecolin wrote 9 years ago
Great night at the Mars bar, beer, sweaty and a sore throat, oh yeah, and a hangover! Great loud rock n roll, can't wait for the next one
richie francis wrote 9 years ago
see you guys in east berkshire soon!
Ann and Nige wrote 9 years ago
Saw you Guys open the Upton festival and you were great. Even better when you played the whole Sunday in the beer tent, can't wait to see you again.
Kags wrote 9 years ago
Simply brilliant! Love you guys, have a great Christmas & see you soon x
Bob England wrote 9 years ago
See you on the 30th Gaz
Gaz Le Bass wrote 9 years ago
We'll play anywhere... If you want us to play your town, City or even Village put us onto your local Bar, Club or whatever and get them to give us a shout.... And We'll take it from there..... See you all soon... Merry Christmas... From The Slapkat...
Shirley long wrote 9 years ago
Keep on rocking guys , not had the pleasure yet but hope to soon lv Shirl x
Mike wrote 9 years ago
As recommended...."Hello" :-)
Ninja Girl wrote 9 years ago
It's quite simple - THEY ROCK!!! Wickedly talented, devastatingly cool, passionate about their music. Book them, see them, you won't regret it.
Carol Jones wrote 9 years ago
Have a great Christmas to you all and your familys, best wishes see you in the New Year Carol

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